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Whale Watching

Tourists discover Mompiche to watch whales

Whale Watching is a big attraction in Mompiche

If you ever come to Mompiche you shouldnt miss watching whales. The pacific coast of ecuador is a very popular place for them. If you are lucky you can even see them even from the beach. Their usual habitat is the Antarctic Sea but between May and October it gets really cold there because of the Antarctic winter. Especially during this period of time the humpback whales go to warmer tropical waters to give birth to their calves. Esmeraldas is really rich of fish and therefore it attracts a lot of whales.

Whales, Dolphins and all kinds of fish

Because of their impressive size and their distinctive looks the Humpback whales are of course the most spectacular creatures to see in Mompiche. Nevertheless you can also observerve groups of dolphins passing next to the boat and making incredible jumps. They are really human friendly animals and very curious. If you want to take a swim with them they wont be shy.

Whale watch tours

Some locals in Mompiche have dedicated themselves to offer tours to watch the whales. Just ask around and negotiate the price with them. If you are a group of people they give you reasonable prices.