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Mompiche Tours

Mompiche has excellent tour potential

Jungle Tour

The Rainforest of Mompiche is home for a lot of different animal species and a big variety of trees and plants. Its not quite as abundant as in the amazon region but its surely worth to hike through. There are tour guides that offer daily hikes through the jungle. Just look around or ask the locals.


The People in Mompiche live from fishing. You can see a lot of fishermen canoes on the beach that are used daily to catch fresh fish. There a lot of kinds of fish in this area.

Tours to other beaches

If you walk a bit outside Mompiche you can visit some other beaches that are really close. Portete for example is a beautiful beach with black sand and a lot of coconut palm trees. Most of the beaches around are completely deserted and you will probably not find any other people there.

Some Tour Operator:

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