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Mompiche Surf


Mompiche - an excellent spot for surfers

The cosy beach town Mompiche becomes more and more popular among surfers. Due to its low cost living, the friendly people and the perfect waves it attracts from beginners to surfer experts from all over the world. Most of the surfers you will find at the very southern end of the bay.

The surfing conditions at Mompiche

One reason for the clearness of the waves of Mompiche is because of the low wind that doesnt get strong over the whole year. The winds are also blocked by the headland that surrounds the small bay of Mompiche. The waves point brake to the left and get up to 3-4 meters high (12ft). The surf quality isnt affacted by the tide. There are no corals where you can get cut, only some rocks. The bottom is mainly covered with black and heavy sand. At perfect conditions you can have rides that last up to 1 minute.

Some advices

In Mompiche there are several possibilites to rent surf boards. The prices range around 10 $ for a day. Beginners can take surf lessons with local surf teachers. At the weekends and during vacations the beach can get crowded. The local surfers are really friendly if you treat them with respect. There are several different bays in this area, which have distinctive swells and wave conditions.