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Mompiche Activities

There are a lot of things to do in Mompiche

Activities in Mompiche


One of the main reasons why people come to Mompiche is because of the good surfing conditions. People say it is the best place along the whole ecuatorian coast to catch waves. Sooner or later Mompiche is going to be the countries surf spot number one. Montanita has also very good waves but it isnt surrounded by that evergreen tropical vegetation that makes Mompiche so unique. There are a lot of possibilites to rent surfboards or to get surf lessons in town.

Whale watching

There are also a lot of visitors that come to see whales. During May and November especially hump back whales come to the bay to give birth and feed their young. You can rent boats or hire a tour guide that brings you to those amazing animals.


Another way to observe fish or even whales is kayaking. It is a very nice way to move over the water and the fish dont get scared away by the noise of a motor. There are several kayaks for rent in Mompiche.

Jungle Tours

The Nature that surrounds Mompiche begs for a hike through. The Flora and Fauna is absolutely stunning. Just ask around in town, there are a lot of people that offer tours through the tropical rainforest.