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Flora and Fauna

Mompiche and its beautiiful nature and wildlife

Animals in Mompiche

The humid Rainforest of Mompiche is home for a lot of interesting animals. Colorful birds like guacamayas, toucans and the blue-footed booby are really often seen here. In the forest up the trees live for example the three toed sloth, howler monkeys and some rodents. Also a lot of sea turtles come to the beach to breed.

Flora in Mompiche

There is a huge variety of tropical trees and plants in Mompiche. The Vegetation is very abundant for a beachplace. It can dry up after a long period of drought, but usually the climate is very humid. The maritime climate which is very humid keeps Mompiche very green and alive. Directly at the Beach you can find a lot of palm trees. Also beautiful orquids and other tropical flowers can be found here.