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Hippie Surfer and Backpacker Paradise - Montanita

Montanita - a charming surfer town

Montanita is located in the Province Santa Elena at the coast line "Ruta del sol", northwest of Guayaquil. Once a little fishermen town it became really popular within hippies in the 70's what still caracterizes this idyllic village. Nowadays Montanita is known as the surf spot number one in Ecuador. International surf competition take place here and people from all over the world come to see those big events like for example Miss Reef. The people from Guayaquil love Montanita also because of the parties. There is a lot of nightlife going on with little bars and discotecas. Even during the week the bar street is crowded until early in the morning.

what to bring to Montanita

First of all, if you go to Montanita you shouldnt take too many things. Unnecessary, valuable or heavy stuff you should leave at home. What you shouldnt forget for example is a mosquito repellent. In the morning and especially at night the mosquitos come out and tend to like fresh tourist blood. The hostels are all equipped with mosquito nets but those beasts tend to bite even through the nets. Stick to the Basics, t-shirts, shorts, bathings suits, sandals and pants. The people who love to party should take some extra shirts or dresses, the nightlife is really tempting. During the day the sun is really strong so you have to protect your skin with sunblock. A hat or a cap would be also good way to avoid insolation. Umbrellas you actually dont need to bring, some locals rent them at the beach for a couple of dollars. For the beach bring your towel your bathing suit and of course your surfboard. There is no need to bring water or food, you can get everything in little stores in the town center. In order to capture your memories of Montanita have your camera constantly with you.

 where to stay in Montanita

There is a big variety of Acommodations in Montanita. There is a hotel at the end of the beach, in front of the rocks, "la punta". In the town there is a bunch of cheap hostels which are built in a very charming way. They are mostly made of wood, very simple and equipped with only the necessary. The prices range from $5 up to $12. Sometimes they raise the prices during high season, holidays or special events. Actually its not necessary to book ahead but on weekends, especially during christmas or carneval it might get really crowded.

where to eat in Montanita

In Montanita there are several restaurants that offer a big variety of chicken and seafood dishes. The dishes are mostly served with rice, beans and salad. The prices range from $1.50 to $6 a dish. The expensive restaurants are in the center along the main street. The cheap restaurants that are run by locals you can find near the church.

how to get there

from Cuenca: Take a bus to Guayaquil.

from Guayaquil: if there is no direct bus to Montanita you have to take one with
destination Olon. Tell the bus driver ahead to drop you off in Montanita.

from Quito: take a direct bus to Jipijapa or Porto Viejo, from there take another bus
that goes to Montanita

here a video of the town center of Montanita


Acommodations in Montanita

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