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The Province Esmeraldas

The Province of Esmeraldas is situated in the northwest of Ecuador between Colombia and the Pacific Ocean. The capital of the Province is also called Esmeraldas. The climate is tropical maritime. The coast line is covered by humid rainforest and sandy beaches.

Afro ecuadorian culture

Esmeraldas is due to its inhabitants very influenced by afro ecuatorian culture. Their ancestors were slaves from africa that were shipped to Southamerica in order to work for colonial masters. On their journey they might have been shipwrecked or fled to finally reach the ecuadorian coast.

Touristic potential

In the past few years the tourism in Esmeraldas has grown a lot. Since they opened new streets in this area the transportation became much more easy. The Ecuatorians, especially adventurer from the nearby cities like Quito spend their vacations here. Nowadays tourists from all the world come to Esmeraldas to enjoy the pleasant climate, the beautiful nature and the friendliness of the people. The nightlife is not as big as in Montanita and you will notice that Reggae is the dominating music in Esmeraldas. The beaches in Esmeraldas are mostly deserted and unspoilt. Humid rainforest, mangroves and Palm trees decorate them and make them to a perfect place to relax.


Atacames: The most touristically developed town of Esmeraldas. Here you can find a big number of hotels and entertainment programs. People go to party there so dont expect to be able to relax much.

Muisne: A lovely Island a few meters from the mainland with a very pretty beach and few tourists
Mompiche: A very cosy fishermen village. Very popular among surfers and hippies.

Acommodations in Esmeraldas

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