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The most popular beach of Esmeraldas

Only 45 Minutes away from the capital of Esmeraldas you reach a long sandy beach with palm trees called Atacames. It is definitely one of the most popular beaches of Esmeraldas. Especially among the locals it is used to escape from their working life and enjoy a nice weekend at the beach with the family. It is pretty easy to access and very touristically developed. If you are looking for a quiet and more remote place Atacames wont make you very happy. But if you dont mind crowded beaches and also want to go out at night you can probably have some fun there.

Mototaxis in Atacames

The small funny looking vehicles they use in Atacames are called Mototaxis which make a hell of a noise. The small town is full of them and everyone is seems to be riding one. Nevertheless they are very cheap and perfect to go around town.


If want to avoid a crowded beach and still want to visit Atacames you should go during the week. At the weekends the beach will be full of local families and the hotels will be completely booked. During high season Atacames is also known being a little insecure and to be having problems with their sewer. If you go out at night just watch your stuff more carefully and dont walk into dodgy looking areas.

Nearby places 

Just 20 Minutes away there is a place called Same. Its a small little beach that is really worth a visit. It is much more quiet than Atacames but has some nice hotels there.

If you really want to avoid noisy tourists and hotel lodges you should pay Muisne a visit. Its a small Island, not very far from Atacames (41km). The beach is very charming and the people are very friendly and calm.

Acommodations in Atacames

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