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Ecuador Travelguide

Ecuador - the Andean Republic

The Republic of Ecuador is situated in the southwest of Southamerica, between Peru and Colombia. Its capital is Quito. With Ecuadors 14 million inhabitants it is the second smallest country of Southamerica. The countrys name comes from the equator line that crosses it. The city with the biggest population is Guayaquil.

Ecuador - a country full of natural contrasts

There is really no country of that size with comparable natural contrasts like Ecuador. The Highlands (La Sierra) that are formed by the Andes run through almost all the country. The Amazon Rainforest (La Amazonia) that covers almost half of the country is home for a huge diversity of animal species. Ecuadors natural border in the west is the Pacific Ocean which forms the coast region (La Costa). Another regional contrast are of course the world famous Galapagos Islands with their unique biodiversity.

Ecuador - a big cultural mix

Ecuador not only attracts tourists because of its natural potential. It is also very rich of culture. The culture of Ecuador is based on precolombian culture which existed long before the expansion by the Inca. There was the Valdivia culture in the coast region, the Quitus in the highlands and the Machalilla Culture, just to mention a few. During the period of Inca control the different tribes maintained a lot of their traditions but also assimilated agricultural knowledges and the social organisation of the inca. After defeating the inca the spanish Conquistadores started to change the image of the cities completely. Due to the colonization by the Spanish Crown, you can find a lot of colonial arquitecture. Especially the historic centers of Quito and Cuenca are proof of a long spanish domination. The province Esmeraldas is very influenced by afro-ecuadorian culture. Their ancestors were probably slaves that had fled or had been shipwrecked.