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The climate of Mompiche

Tropical Maritime Climate

Due to its proximity to the equator the climate and also the vegetation of Mompiche is very tropical. Mompiche is also influenced by the streams of the pacific ocean (maritim).  The climate doesnt vary much during the year but you can divide it into 2 seasons. There is the rainy season (invierno) that goes from December until May and there is the dry season (verano) which goes from May until November. The average temperature lies between 23°C and 26°C.

Dont get scared of rainy season

During rainy season the north of Ecuador sees a lot of rain, up to 3000 mm of rain per year. You shouldnt be afraid going to Mompiche during this time. The heavy showers are mostly at night and only last for an hour.

The current weather in Esmeraldas, the Province of Mompiche


Weather in Esmeraldas