Your travelguide of Mompiche

Mompiche an Idyllic fishermen town

The beautiful and sympathic fishermen town Mompiche is situated in the north of Ecuador, in the southwest of province Esmeraldas just a few kilometers away from Atacames and Muisne. Because of its warm maritime climate and its tropical vegetation visitors enjoy spectacular landscapes and a huge diversity of flora and fauna. The practically unspoiled beaches are either covered with black or yellowish sand and palm trees that spend shadow during a hot day.

The humid rainforest that surrounds the whole area gives the place a very charming and relaxing atmosphere. It has been kept a secret for many years. A few years ago when they opened the road from Atacames it became more and more known among the ecuatorians. Now tourists from every corner of the world come through all the year. Nevertheless Mompiche remains the lovely village of wooden huts and its friendly locals.

Mompiche, a famous place among surfers

Because of the high waves and their perfect pointbreaking, the beach is really famous among surfers. People from all over the world come here to persuit their favourite hobby - catching waves. Almost all year long the wind is really low what means that the waves are very clean and makes them easy to ride. In fact Mompiche is a perfect place for surf beginners to practise their skills. The list of things to do here is really long. Have a look in activities that you shouldnt miss.

Mompiche offers a big variety of acommodations

Here in Mompiche you can find very cheap hostels
that are created for backpackers with not so much budget. They all cost around 6-10 $ per night. If you are a group of travellers you can also rent entire houses for a weekend or more. For the people that need a bit more service and luxury can also get a hotel. The Royal Decameron Resort for example was built just a few years ago.

Some Advices

There are no ATM's in Mompiche. The nearest place to take out money is Atacames, aprox. 1 hour away per Bus. Therefore it is recommended to precalculate the costs of the whole trip and to take enough dollars in cash. Try to avoid taking bills higher than a twenty-dollar bill. Most of the shop, bar or hostel owners dont have so much change available. The smaller the money the better. Check out Portete, a small island covered with coconut palm trees. You can either walk there (aprox. 1 hour) or you can ask some locals to take you there by truck.

Other destinations in Ecuador

Ecuador has a lot more to offer than only Mompiche.The Capital of Ecuador is Quito. It's famous tourist attraction is "La Mitad del Mundo" which is a monument that shows the exact point where the equator line goes through.Guayaquil in the southwest  of Ecuador is the city with the countrys' biggest population. The Province of Mompiche is Esmeraldas, known as the province with the most influence of afro ecuadorian culture. Another surfer beach that is famous for its hawaii parties is Montanita. Puerto Lopez is a beach town very close to the amazing national park Machalilla. Galapagos is an island archipelago famous for its unique and spectacular wildlife.